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Exprit 2017 – NEOS S

CIK/FIA 19/CH/20
To realize the Neos, the OTK Kart Group started from a completely new project. This choice has offered its own R&D department the chance to develop totally new shapes regarding the design of the frame, compared to those that the Rookie offers already.
In tracing the lines of the new small chassis from the Tony Kart factory, though, we started from a solid base thanks to the technical information gathered in kilometers and kilometers of test sessions carried out to refine the models in this category. Added to this, is the added value provided by the OTK working process reserved to the design and the manufacturing of all its products, through the use of high-quality raw materials and accurate machining carried out with extremely advanced machinery.
Also the braking system of Neos has been designed from scratch. It’s called BSM2 and from the earliest development testing it has shown incredible efficiency and excellent performance, which results were made possible thanks to the use of new brake tubes and the one-piece brake pump.
The brake caliper is featured by a 2-piston structure, able to provide the best feeling under braking, which aspect is fundamental in a category where safety and performance are top priorities.
The Neos project follows the same technical path of the Exprit top range models adopting OTK Kart Parts as well. Details that are an unbeatable guarantee in terms of quality, reliability and performance. And the Neos makes use of several unprecedented accessories such as the next-generation AXJ aluminum wheels, the stub axles, the wheel hubs, just to name a few. Next to them the high grip steering wheel and the footrest, now standard equipment.
The M5 bodyworks M5 and M5 rear protection are based on the fairings of the Exprit upper-class chassis. Even in this case the wind tunnel testing was fundamental to determine how to convey the air flows in the most appropriate and functional areas. The link between the Neos and the top range chassis clearly highlighted by the livery.



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16 Apr, 2017