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Vortex Motor Model Mini ROK

Mini Rok is dedicated to the very young drivers and has been shown to grow small karting talents. Thanks to some of its key features it is safe and easy to use, so that young drivers can become familiar with the kart without tension.

MAX POWER 10 PS à 11’000 RPM
MAX TORQUE 6.5 NM à 9’000 RPM
MAX 15’500 RPM

The engine has the following features: Single-cylinder 2 stroke engine, displacement 60cc, piston port. Air-cooled, equipped with centrifugal dry-clutch and integrated electrical starter.

The engine comes in a complete kit with Dell’Orto PHBG Ø 18mm carburettor, Dell’Orto fuel pump, Vortex intake silencer and exhaust with integrated exhaust silencer, starter complete with battery and battery support.
Mini Rok engine is aimed at the younger generation and for more than a decade has spread worldwide, therefore more and more federations have chosen it as national entry level category.

Cooling System: Air-cooled system
Exhaust: Oval exhaust without rib
Bearings: Radial bearing C4
Bore and stroke: 42x43mm
Max Power: 10 HP a 11.000 Rpm
MAx Torque: 6.5 Nm a 9.000 Rpm
Max: 15.500 Rpm
Ignition: Selettra analogic ignition
Carburettor: Dell’Orto PHBG Ø 18mm
Silencer: Vortex intake silencer
Fuel Pump: Dell’Orto
Exhaust: Mini Rok exhaust with integrated exhaust silencer



06 Feb, 2017